Working In Guided Edit

I loved loved LOVED the reflection feature. When we made the reflection for the newspaper stand, I was amazed! It was so cool and realistic! I want to start looking for pictures I can take with a slight reflection so I can edit it all sweet. I also liked the Out of Bounds effect. I thought that was pretty cool also. I love being able to edit my face and take my blemishes away..

I used the Guided Edit "Out of Bounds" feature to edit this photo. I 1st added a frame to my photo. Then I added some perspective to my frame and then adjusted the border. After, I clicked the Quick Selection Tool and selected my extension. To finish, I clicked Create Out of Bounds and then saved!

For this photo, I used the Create A Perfect Portrait feature. I used the blur brush to get rid of a couple wrinkles on Sarah’s face. I then increased the Contrast which made us look tanner. After, I got rid of the pimple on my forehead using the Spot Healing Tool. I like that one a lot! I used the dodge tool to brighten mine & Sarah’s eyes. I finished by whitening our teeth. I decided that that edit was too subtle for my liking, so I chose to also use the Lomo Camera Effect. I clicked Cross Process Image and then I clicked Apply Vignette. After, I just saved!

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  1. I really like the out of bounds picture you did. The framing is really good and it looks like it would be really hard to select the outline of your guys’ legs and hands but you did a really good job with that. I also really like the perfect portrait photo and you changed the color. They both look great!

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